Windschutzscheibe einsetzen

Wer je eine Windschutzscheibe zu zweit montiert hat, weiss, wie schnell die Tropfzeit des Klebers um ist. Wohl dem, der eine Montage-Vorrichtung hat.


Check out that slide w the PRO SET. Gotta love those Cali Vibes right? The gentle breeze, the palm trees, and the bright, sunny days. Who else is ready for summer? As Auto Glass Technicians, we spend all day out in the sun and it can get brutal at times, especially in a hot state like California. But being born and raised here, I love it. Not much compares to living here in California, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, driving through the city, by the beach, and taking in the breathtaking scenery that we get to call home. So when you combine that California backdrop with such a fun job like Windshield Replacement, you have a recipe for a great time. I usually don’t like to reveal our secret, but usually when you call us out to take care of your auto glass issue, whether that be windshield, door glass, etc. You’re really just calling us to do our favorite thing, which is why we deliver not only the best quality work, but the friendliest customer service and sincere care of you and your vehicle! Getting paid is part of it, but I think what really drives us is creating fantastic restoration experiences, building our reputation, and allowing our clients to have their peace of mind back. When our customers call Auto Glass Kings, they know they’re not calling just another company, they know they’re calling someone they can trust, and work they can rely on. Putting all the fears, worries and stigmas behind shoddy service companies to the side, and allowing them to enjoy what receiving a quality service feels like. Thats what drives us to do what we do each and every day. Taking care of Orange County, California. One job at a time. #orangecounty #oc #autoglass #windshieldreplacement #service #california

♬ original sound – AutoGlassKings
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